Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Northern view from our property. Little white church with steeple far in the background.

Western view. That's my dad on the riding lawnmower. He's not waving but is examining his babies (fruit trees) for the slightest sign of pestilence. Every worm fears the wrath of Richard the Pruner.

Eastern view. I need a fancy camera, this just doesn't do justice to the golden tones from the setting sun and the vivid greens and blues. It was like God was saying Happy Mother's Day just to me.

David, the girls and I decided to go on a walk tonight. He'd shoveled manure for me all day and I worked all day fixing people's owies. It was nice just walking in the quiet of the country. Ok, there was the sound of the lawn mower, but that's acceptable. The girls were wearing my sandals and so had to make big shuffling steps. Holding their little hands and breathing the fresh air, the scent of cut grass and lilacs. A little piece of paradise.


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