Monday, February 13, 2006

Poetry Sunday

Mia's Doo-dah Day
(sung to "Camptown Races" tune)

Me sister Mia sat one day,
In traffic, traffic;
She got hit by a delivery truck
And broke her vertebre.

Broke her vertebre,
Broke her vertebre.
Some bones have shifted to the right,
Some slid the other way.

Me sister Mia sat one day,
In the surgeon's, office,
He said, "I hope you've lots of dough,"
And patted his toupee.

Patted his toupee,
Patted his toupee.
"I have to pay my yachting fee,
And dine at the club's buffet."

Me sister Mia sat one day,
Talking, to her lawyer.
He says it's good she has great pain,
And spine has been pureed.

Spine has been pureed,
Spine has been pureed.
He will get to take his wife,
On an extended holiday.

Me sister Mia sat one day,
In traction, traction.
Lost ten pounds on her new diet
of Vicodin and Perrier.

Vicodin and Perrier,
Vicodin and Perrier.
I hope she gets a brand new spine,
Before she fades away.


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