Thursday, January 26, 2006

Three Link Thursday

If you have time to read it, this is a fascinating (and bittersweet) article, with great writing.

Notice this forecast. If, when in Portland, you are seen using an umbrella you will be marked as a tourist. Oregonians don't do umbrellas. If there is a downpour you just walk faster. About two weeks ago we had some very heavy rains (which is saying a lot) and many Oregonians realized that an umbrella might come in handy. The problem was we couldn't find them, buried forever among life's detritus of things used once and then forgotten; rollerblades, Flowbees, urns, umbrellas.

If you are easily queased, do not open this next link. I dedicate it to my sister, Mia. For the rest of you who are wondering why I would do something like that, let me attempt an explanation. She and I have very interesting conversations in which we solve most of the world's problems. In this case, we have discussed opening the world's most effective diet website and product line. (Anyone want to name this website?) The point is to keep the dieter nauseated at all times. Specially selected clips from Fear Factor would be included. This article would be included. It's genius. Stupid, yet genius (just like me and my sis).


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