Sunday, January 01, 2006


So when we moved to the area we live in we had no concern of flooding. After all, we are in an upper elevation and on a hill, no less. No streams or rivers nearby. The weather people have been warning all of North California up to Washington State that a massive wet front will cause flooding. But we felt safe and cozy, up on our hill. Right.

Most of the driveways out in this country are gravel. We have a nice asphalt circle drive the previous owner decided to put in. For the most part it is very nice, a place where the girls can ride their bikes, no gravel to migrate into the lawn, etc.

The other thing the driveway does well is channel water from the hill above us. The uphill neighbor's gravel driveway has turned into a ditch. The water runs into it and turns the corner at the end of the street and goes through our gate. Then it runs down in a sheet down the length of the driveway until it is absorbed in the pasture at one end. It rained so much that the stream widened until it started going into my parent's garage. We got out pieces of wood and sandbags and diverted it back to the middle of the driveway.

Then we found the herb and strawberry garden was under water. Then we found that our large shop was also full of water on the floor. Dozens of boxes and their contents completely soaked. So guess what we've been doing. I've decided to be complacent about the whole thing, but I don't think my husband has gotten to that point yet, especially after he found his box of childhood items soaked and ruined. Well. When you look at all the property and animals lost on the coast (not even to mention Katrina), our problem can be put into perspective. And we have a nice dry warm house to live in. Life really is good.


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