Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Tree

We went tree hunting on Sunday. We live in the Christmas Tree capital; there are more Christmas tree farms around here than any other place on earth. With over six million trees harvested in Oregon each year, it's a title we well earned. Every day, each acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people!

So, surrounded by miles of these farms, we don't need to go to no steenkin' tree stand where trees sell for up to $100, only 30 miles from here. Instead we bundled up the girls in layers, hats and gloves, I put on my tacky Christmas socks, long johns and jeans, and we piled into the van. Signs are everywhere for the farms, but about four miles down the road we found what we were looking for: u-cut for $10. Whoohoo!

The sign was for a property that used to be a tree farm but the current owners weren't interested in keeping it up. So they let people wander into their planted forest and take whatever they wanted for $10. The girls had a great time. There was no snow, but the mud had frozen and each step crunched under their boots. They played hide and seek and leader of the safari. Finally we found it, an 8 1/2 foot douglas fir that looked just right. David chopped it down and dragged it back to the van. I went back and cut down a two-footer for the girls.

Meanwhile, David attempted to wrestle the tree on to the top of the van. The tree, afraid for its future, did not want to be taken away and so it attacked him. Fortunately the girls and I were far enough away that we couldn't make out what he was yelling at the tree. By the time we got back he had finally subdued the tree and it was sitting meekly, if resentfully, atop the van.

I won't go into how the tree attacked again when we got home, nor how it lost the struggle when David got out the hack saw. The girls didn't care and just did a dance of happiness when they saw the evergreen boughs standly nobly in our living room. It was a happy day.


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