Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Separation of Socks

One of the girls came up to David and I in the kitchen with a sad blue sock. Its elastic fibers broke with little popping sounds when you stretched it. David said he'd have to throw it away, but where was its mate? She said it didn't have one and left the room.

He sighed, "There seems to be a high rate of sock divorce these days."

"Perhaps," I smiled slyly, "it is because one sock doesn't listen to the other sock."

"Mmm. Or because the other sock does always have dinner ready when he comes home," he suggested.

"Or it could be that one sock leaves the toilet seat up."

"Or maybe the other sock makes messes in the kitchen she doesn't clean up," he countered.

"Possibly. Another reason could be that one sock doesn't know what a washing machine is."

Ah hah! The washing machine is usually where things goes down hill. Please use this device carefully. And a note to the others -- you know who you are -- make yourself acquainted with the machine. The more you use it, the less frightened you will be.


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