Friday, December 02, 2005

I Can Still Be Happy

Gotta love this immunosuppressed state. Everyone is now getting well in this house, and I am now sick. At first I thought is was just herxing since I had my IV treatments on Wednesday, but now I know it's a cold. Arrrgghh!!

But today, as Sydney says, I can still be happy. I sat on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, Summerlyn at my side wrapping my arm in a cast (one of her all-purpose treatments). Sydney was sitting nearby, reading a book about King David, but said "it's really about me, when I was young." How can I not be happy in the midst of this?

Tonight, David -- he really is a nice boy, despite getting endlessly harrassed by me -- was kind and took over the care of the babes while I sat at the piano and got in the zone for over an hour. I got a major dose of endorphins. I played Christmas music, and after a particularly grandiose version of Hark the Herald Angels Sing (Mendelssohn, arranged by Mark Looney) there was silence, and then a tiny voice from the bathroom said "that was beautiful!"

I am happy and hope you are too.

Note: It's difficult to do housework in the dress I'm wearing above, but it keeps the floors shiny when I walk.


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