Wednesday, December 28, 2005


First of all, the whole insects in the Christmas tree didn't go off as spectacularly as I'd hoped. My mother-in-law found the plastic bugs herself and thought they were cute, but she didn't see the tarantula. We had to practically point it out to her and then all she did was jump back startled. No screaming or fainting. Christmas is just not as fun as it used to be.

Thursday before Christmas I took the girls on our annual trip to the Dollar Store where they selected presents for everyone on our list. They wrapped the gifts themselves, using more tape than an elderly chorus girl.

Christmas Eve day we delivered the loot to our the needy Christmas family. That was better than last year where the family acted like it was their right to receive gifts. This year's family was humble and expressed their desire to pay it forward once they got back on their own feet. The husband, who is artistic, gave me a t-shirt he had airbrushed for me. Summerlyn fell in love with their two-month-old baby and wanted to take it home.

Here's something amazing: not only did the girls not ask us even once, what we got them for Christmas, but on Christmas Day we didn't get around to opening the presents until about noon and the girls never once asked to open them. The presents had been under the tree for three days.

The girl's loved their dollhouse, David his tool chest, and me my mixer I've wanted for twenty years. It was a lovely Christmas made extra speical by seeing the girls get wrapped up in the spirit of giving instead of receiving.

We won't talk about the in-law problems that gave me an ulcer all weekend.


At Thursday, December 29, 2005 4:27:00 PM, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Dosent it just melt your heart when your kids give, and understand the concept of giving and LIKE IT?

I'm so glad your holiday was beautiful.

I'm not taking about the in-laws either, I've had them before. You have my sympathy.

At Thursday, December 29, 2005 6:42:00 PM, Blogger Sheryle said...

Thank you for your sympathy. I was going to write about what happened with my in-laws, but I'm so mad about it that I decided it would be best to shut my mouth (or tape my fingers, as it were).

BUT...the holiday WAS beautiful despite. The girls made all the difference.


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