Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas Traditions

At 4 1/2, the twins are getting more into Christmas. I like to get a tree about a week before Christmas (I have a thing about the fire hazard) but they got a phone call from their buddy Alanna who excitedly told them her family just got a tree. The girls looked at me, lips quivering, and said "Why don't we have a tree, Mama?" I can just see the future, when I get the bills in the mail for their psychiatric counseling.

So tomorrow we'll go tree hunting. Tonight David pulled out the Christmas boxes and while we listened (and danced) to Christmas music by Johnny Mathis and me on the piano (he didn't rise from the dead so I could accompany him, he was on the CD, in case you had creepy thoughts just then. Although that would make a more interesting story), David pulled out some decorations and the Christmas village that he and I had painted years before the girls were born. They ooh'd and ah'd like they'd never seen it before. The girls danced until they fell giggling on a pile on the floor while their father faked hysterical crying to Johnny's Blue Christmas. Hey, everybody's got their own traditions.

This morning we put up the Giving Tree board at church. We are sponsoring a family of five this year and I'm heading the project, so yesterday the girls and I made the ornament tags for the tree. They drew crazy happy faces on the gingerbread and snowmen and made them sparkly with glitter. It's our family tradition to deliver all the presents and packages to our Christmas family on Christmas Eve. I hope the girls will always feel that giving is what Christmas is all about.


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