Monday, November 28, 2005

Why Don't YOU exercise?

My husband is sick again. He usually doesn't get sick this much or have it last this long but it's been a bad season, and it's only just begun. I think he's unhealthy because he never exercises. Trust me, I'm not comparing his level of potato-hood to mine, because we are co-spuds. But tonight I suggested he should exercise more to get healthier. He says, as usual, that he would like to walk. But it's raining. Note that this is Oregon. It does that here. Is that not a brilliant excuse if you ever heard one? He could be in Antartica and say he'll start exercising as soon as the snow melts.

I suggested that he could use the clothes hanger in our bedroom. It used to be a recumbent bike, but it's had a more efficient use for several years now. He answers, "I can't. It makes my legs sore."

After I was done laughing I agreed to that I wouldn't post that comment on the blog. He changed his mind and so here I am. Still laughing, but awed. I couldn't come up with such genius excuses not to exercise if I tried. And I have.


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