Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I'm toast. Worked yesterday at the office so tired I think I have QWERTY permanently imprinted on my forehead (look at your keyboard for those who don't know what I mean). But I had our lifestyle class last night so I drove from Beaverton (home of Nike!) all the way across to SE Portland where the class is located in the basement of the church we rent.

David (spousal unit) had driven home from work to pick the four pumpkin cheesecakes I made the night before and our dual progeny. Traffic being what it was, he took forever to get to the class and I was stressing over getting the cakes cut in time for the meal, but he got there just in time.

The kids dressed up like pilgrims and served the food. Other than missing one table completely, they did great. Until they thought there wasn't going to be enough cheesecake for them. Fortunately, there was and we avoided any unfortunate pilgrim incidents.

We had a huge turnout, about 75 people showed up. The food was great (as always) and my cheesecake demo went well. I then gave the lecture, which overall went very well. Lots people had lots of questions and I had lots of answers. At one point I lifted my arms to illustrate a point. Later, David says, "sweaty pits, eh?" Great. He probably didn't tell me about the booger or the spinach in my teeth out of mercy.


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