Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I came home late and the girls were already in the tub. I came in just as David said, "Summerlyn, smile real big." She did and her father and I nearly had dual cardiac events. Her teeth were dark grey. We made Sydney smile. The same thing.

My mind raced back in time. We had brushed their teeth ever since the first two appeared. I remember their darling little smiles with two tiny teeth on top and two on bottom. I remember getting bit during breastfeeding. They had strong little teeth. I know.

They've gone to the dentist for a cleaning every six months; they are due for one now. They don't eat candy. I have dozens of photos with them smiling, beautiful pearly whites gleaming.

But I also remember forgetting to brush their teeth. They've gone to bed after drinking juice at suppertime. And suddenly, in the space of a day, they have rampant tooth decay. I thought of the dentist, shaking his head sadly, looking at me angrily. How could you do this, you terrible mother. Why I oughtta.... Now they will have to be fitted with teeny dentures. We'll have to look for Polident coupons in the Sunday paper. They'll have little cups beside their beds for their little choppers.

Then David asks, "what did you eat today?"

With two words, the agony and dispair are whisked away. "Blueberry smoothies."

It was then we noticed their tongues were also blue-grey. The decay magically disappeared with a brushing just before bed. Tomorrow I'm going to make that appointment with the dentist anyway.


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