Saturday, November 12, 2005

Sick Puppies

So Summerlyn woke up this morning earache free. She really wanted to go to church and cried when I told her she was staying home. I took Sydney to church and by the time we got back Summerlyn was chipper and had more energy than a chihuahua. Sydney was unusually quiet, but she usually gets that way on the rare occasions she's separated from her twin.

However, it was more than that. Syd developed an almost 103 degree fever and a sore throat. I gave her all the usual protocol (elderberry, vitamin C, zinc, etc) plus a bit of acetaminophen for her throat pain. Poor baby is now fast asleep.

I'm exhausted, but have to go to work early tomorrow. I still have an inspirational wheeze. That is, a wheeze when I breathe in, not a wheeze that moves me emotionally. Actually, I feel moved emotionally. To bed.


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