Monday, November 14, 2005

Not Improving

Well, other than sounding like seals that smoke, the girls are fine. Wouldn't it be nice to that resilient?

My wheeze has gotten worse and I emailed a friend of mine who is also a nurse and asked for advice. Understand that I am an advice nurse of 9+ years myself, but I was perhaps hoping for something like "you're fine. Buck up and be a woman." But nooooooo. She gives me truth and tell me what I would tell my own patients: Go see your doc. Some truth is overrated.

I didn't really want to see my doctor because I don't like him, but he wasn't in so I saw someone else who was much better. Told me I have bronchitis and rx'd me an inhaler (which I will use) and antibiotics (which I don't plan on using), and a chest x-ray for sometime this week. The fun never ends.


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