Monday, November 21, 2005

Ignore the seal in my bedroom, Ma

The girls have been doing this for years. Well, at least two years, since they are only four. Using their Mama-is-Distracted radar, they retreat to their bedroom and close the door. Closing the door doesn't always spell disaster, but it's often a big hint. Mostly this occurs when I'm on the phone or working on the computer. This occured again today, like this:

I'm on the phone. Mother-in-law asking for Christmas ideas. Girls' radar goes off -- (the radar was built-in and cannot be removed) -- and they retreat. Door closes.

In this cold war, so to speak, I have my own defense. Mama Radar with special What Do You Think You Are Doing doppler capabilities. Once the radar get a blip, jet propulsion is immediately initiated, taking Mama across the house (or yard) in 0.6 seconds.

Pacing through the house with the phone, I met the girls between their bedroom (door closed) and the bathroom. They smiled. I got a major blip.

"Mama," they said, "don't go into the bedroom."

I smiled sweetly back and asked, "Why?"

They cocked their heads to the side like sweet puppies and said, "Because of the water."

I told my mother-in-law that I had to go, thanks, talk to you later.

This time it was only baby dolls in a swimming pool (Rubbermaid container) with only moderate slosh-age. Next time it will be algae research or perhaps a cooling pool for plutonium rods.

Parents, keep an eye on your babies. They're wily.


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