Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Duofilia Has Moved!

Duofilia has grown up! Please visit my new site at www.Duofilia.com. Make sure to change any links, trackbacks, etc., that you may have.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Have a Great Weekend!

Sorry about the dearth of posts lately. Having a Lyme week and very, very tired and migrainy. Hopefully I'll snap out of it by next week. I have to work Sunday and Monday (you know when cousin Bob gets sick off of the crab salad that was left out too long and gets sunburn and steps on a nail and calls a nurse who's waiting by the phone on Memorial Day? I'm the nurse), so no hopes of a soon recovery, but I'll get there.

Had a scare today with little Syd. She had immunization yesterday and is having the hot red spot on her leg from the DTaP, that is expected. But then today the redness spread considerably. And then the thing that got me anxious was today when she started acting very irritable and then starting wailing and holding the back of her neck and complaining of neck pain. If she had just whined a little and said her neck hurt I would have just monitored her, but the wailing and irritability was very concerning so I took her to her doctor's office and got there just before they closed. By that time she was acting totally normal (so the doctor probably thinks I'm a nut!) and he said her red leg was still within the expected range of an immunization reaction, rather than cellulitis. So I'm very grateful.

We are back home now and at this very moment Sydney is playing the piano like a little mad woman, so I think she'll make it.

So to y'all, have fun, stay safe, and don't eat that salad. Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Sydney and Summerlyn turn five!! Whoohoo!

Here's their happy faces when they got their bikes. Yes, we took them outside and didn't let them ride in the living room. They had a birthday party the day before their birthday and had a blast with their buddies, a total of six girls and one boy. Oh the noise!

Friday, May 19, 2006

New Theme Coming!

Just to warn y'all, I have a new theme on its way in the next few days. I'm so excited, it looks awesome. My favorite web boy has been working on it and has done a fabulous job despite the fact that I've been a very demanding client.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Three Link Thursday

Having taken my 4 1/2 hour CPR recert today, I am reminded how valuable that everyone, not just health care providers, learn these life-saving techniques. Those of you who haven't taken the CPR class -- do it! Those of you who took one years ago -- take it again! There's been a lot of significant changes to the guidelines. Learn to save a life.

Red Cross' CPR site.


American Heart Association's CPR site.


A story to get you inspired.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Best Day Spa & Salon

Ok, I'm not a high-maintenance kinda girl. I think I've made that clear in the past. But I am very picky about who cuts my hair. I have searched for a good stylist for years and when I find one they are MINE and have no right to move, retire or die.

Several years ago I found Zena at what was then Nature's Day Spa. She's brilliant. About two years ago she started her own salon called Desirant. It's a lovely space with great ambiance and special services. For instance, for a manicure your hands aren't soaked in water but hand cream. For a pedicure your feet are placed in a copper basin while someone else stands behind you massaging your shoulders.

Zena had to have neck surgery last year and now only does one or two clients once a week. I'm a bad client because I'll go without cuts for months and then want one NOW. She wasn't available for my NOW so I reluctantly agreed to have someone else at the salon cut my hair. That stylist did an acceptable job overall, but didn't trim the top layers short enough. After a couple days I called the salon and requested a fix.

So I went in today and got yet another stylist, Sarah. I liked her immediately and she did a fabulous job. She started with the aromatherapy head massage, which is standard for Desirant, Washed, cut, styled my hair perfectly and ended with a hand massage. And I was charged ZERO for all that. Zena, Sarah, Desirant, you rule.

I normally avoid glamour-type shots like the plague, but I came home and David was so infatuated with my hair that he took some pictures which actually turned out farily well, although you can't see the cut as well as I'd like. Plus my ankles are swollen. Ok, I'll shut up now.

Monday, May 15, 2006


It was 98 degrees today, whoohoo! Summer's a comin'!